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by: Tiffany Jasper, Tiff’s Editing Cafe


Having children and raising them primarily or all on your own, as a Single Mom in Business (SMIB) can be trying. It takes strength, patience, financial budgeting, time management, and much more.

During these times, we tend to forget about ourselves and the talents that we already possess as women. Without even thinking about it, we counsel, advise, lead, write, design, persuade banner45677tiffothers to perform, are tech savvy, cook, bake, operate machinery, and maintain  multiple schedules on a daily basis, just to name a few. Just as we have to PUSH through in our daily routine, we have to push extra harder when we are building our business. PUSH!

Many single moms like me want to earn more money AND be able to spend more time with their children or at least able to be involved in the many aspects of their life: education, extra-curricular activities, etc. I can honestly say that I know there is a need for more income in my household; even with obtaining outside resources, I definitely need to but refuse to work several jobs any more. Been there, don’t even want to return to that nightmare!

So, now we have to brainstorm and seriously think about what our talents are and which ones we really enjoy we can decide which ones can be marketed. Once we decipher that….we are on our way! Here are just 3 suggestions to get your business-minded wheels turning:

Are you able to braid or style little girl’s hair? So many families would kill to save that time and pay a fee for you to turn their daughter or niece’s hair into a masterpiece that will last for two weeks. What a blessing for so many other moms! Style the hair of 3 of 4 young models, take before and after pictures and begin your portfolio; manually and online.

Are you considered Katie the Cleaning Lady by your friends? Let that be your niche. Begin by letting others know (or hell, show them) how well you clean and organize or change the furniture in certain rooms or areas of their house, office or garage. Who wouldn’t be willing to pay you to help spring clean or change out all of the fall/winter items with the spring/summer ones? Just remember to obtain insurance because if we don’t believe it, the “You-break-it-you-bought-it” rule is oh so real!

Is writing or editing two of the many passions you have? Your drive in this area maybe the one you love most. Is it creating the resume, writing the grant, blogging, editing manuscripts or working as a journalist or a news reporter? I say try them all, trust me your skill will reveal itself. Connect with those who just wrote a book, essay or article and edit for them. Request a chance to be a guest blogger for someone to get exposure then begin to applying to write for others. Writing your own book may be a passion also. Earning money from the sales (oh it isn’t the easiest thing in the world, but fulfilling) can be a blessing!


So, let’s get out that notebook and begin bullet pointing your talents, skills, and overall what you love doing. If it is a struggle, then that’s not what you should be turning into a business.  Be honest with yourself, face your fear, feed your faith, test your new ideas and PUSH through, it’s your business!






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