I’m an Author Books for Kids

I’m an Author Books for Kids

This is one of our favorite products. Just planted 30 of them in a 6th grade class at our kids’ elementary school. Excited to see what the students create! thickpaperbackfront(26)


I’m an Author is a blank canvas for you to write and illustrate your very own book! A great tool for budding authors to practice their writing skills and feel like a true author doing so. All are encouraged to design the front and back of their book using pencils, markers crayons or colored pencils. Great brainstorming opportunity for all ages (adults too)! No author or writing experience necessary, simply be cre8ive! http://theentrepreneurwithin.org/store/products/im-an-author-blank-book-for-children/

Fun for all ages!

24 pages perfect bound with a matte cover. Size 5×7


Let’s discuss getting them into your school, church, boys/girls club, arts organization! ~ tewyou2@gmail.com / attn: Julie / 630.220.3655 phone

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TEW Rap!

TEW Rap!


Check out our TEW Rap by one of our Fiverr friends!

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Pre-Order Today!

Pre-Order Today!

The T.E.W. book is now available for pre-order! Please use the link below to place your orders online. Books will be shipped within 12-14 business days from the time of ordering.

The Entrepreneur Within You is a collection of inspirational and practical business advice from designer/marketer Julie Holloway and 17 contributing writers who each pen a chapter on a variety of business topics and personal reflection.


The cost of the book is $16 + $5.95 for Priority Mail

*10% of the proceeds to benefit The Princess Within Foundation
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Our 15 Authors are ohh….. so unique!

Our 15 Authors are ohh….. so unique!

Be you. Be yourself. Be unique!

No one on this earth is as unique as YOU!  Our guest authors have shared their stories, uncovered their hearts, let out their demons, encouraged us so much. This book is a collection of authors who share the journey of living a full, encouraging life whether they are in business for themselves, pursuing a passion or simply eager to get started. We hope you enjoy the book as much as we have enjoyed putting it down on paper! ~ the TEW Crew

  1. Dr. Bernada Nicole Baker – Walking in Your Passion/Purpose (Foreword)
  2. Julie M. Holloway “aka” JMH – The Entrepreneur Within Me
  3. Rhonda Alexander (T.E.W. Editor) – Don’t Stay Past Your Expiration Date
  4. Nicole Knox – Power Keeping
  5. Quinn Riley – aka “Q” – Living on 5th Ave
  6. Merry Linden – Asking for Help
  7. Anthony “Ant” L. Smith, Author/Keynote Speaker/L.I.F.E.style Improvement Coach
  8. Patrice N. Perkins – Don’t be a Serial Entrepreneur
  9. Glenn Murray – Relationships in Business
  10. Rhonda Alexander (T.E.W. Editor) – Don’t Stay Past Your Expiration Date
  11. Adam Jackson – Procrastination
  12. Danielle Willis – Eating an Elephant: Overcoming Obstacles to Entrepreneurship
  13. Steve Amella + Beth Doyle – Power Marketing
  14. Tiff “aka Tiff’s Editing Cafe” – Workin’ 9-5 + More
  15. Kenny Carroll – From Ideas to Execution
  16. Corliss Johnson – Marrying My Destiny
  17. Galonda Chatman – Entrepreneurship. A Blessing + a Curse



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