I’m an Author Books for Kids

I’m an Author Books for Kids

This is one of our favorite products. Just planted 30 of them in a 6th grade class at our kids’ elementary school. Excited to see what the students create! thickpaperbackfront(26)


I’m an Author is a blank canvas for you to write and illustrate your very own book! A great tool for budding authors to practice their writing skills and feel like a true author doing so. All are encouraged to design the front and back of their book using pencils, markers crayons or colored pencils. Great brainstorming opportunity for all ages (adults too)! No author or writing experience necessary, simply be cre8ive! http://theentrepreneurwithin.org/store/products/im-an-author-blank-book-for-children/

Fun for all ages!

24 pages perfect bound with a matte cover. Size 5×7


Let’s discuss getting them into your school, church, boys/girls club, arts organization! ~ tewyou2@gmail.com / attn: Julie / 630.220.3655 phone

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Cre8ing Your Personal Brand

There are three keys to creating a unique and memorable personal brand.

  • Passion + Purpose.
  • Creativity + Photography.
  • Execution + Consistency. 


Passion + Purpose

Chances are if you are seeking to create a personal brand for yourself, your passion and purpose has evolved. When creating your brand think clearly about what you want to portray. Consider how you want your target audience to view you (most likely as an expert in your field). With that, ensure that your passion flows freely when communicating your brand to the world.  We want to know the real you, nothing phony or fake.


Creativity + Photography.

Your brand is your bread and butter, it’s the center of your earth. You must display it creatively. By enlisting a team of professional photographers, designers, marketers and PR experts you are investing in yourself and your purpose. Please do not put out fuzzy or inappropriate photographs with yourself as the subject. The image that you present to the world will be the very presence that is felt by your clients, consumers, family and friends. Ensure that your image represents you fully for what you wish to convey. Professional photos can make you or break your branding efforts. If within your brand you market or sell a product, ensure that those products are also photographed professionally for marketing purposes.


Execution + Consistency. 

Execution of a strategy and a marketing plan is critical. My motto is, “if you stop marketing, they stop watching.” Therefore, ensure that you are constantly nourishing and caring for your brand. Create a marketing strategy and execute it. Hire a team of professionals that will help elevate your mission and your movement to the next level. Be unique, be memorable, be helpful to the consumer, interact and network. Most of all be consistent in the creative output of your brand and ensure that your messaging is clear. be.you!


Julie M. Holloway (a.k.a. JMH)

Marketing & Design Professional and Author





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Testimonial #.001

Testimonial #.001

This book is an easy, inspiring read. A true reference book for any budding or seasoned entrepreneur. JMH gives a real life perspective of owning and growing YOUR business. It is not always pretty, but its always yours. The moment JMH decides her time is at hand, the creativity and prosperity flows. All of a sudden 60-90 days in she gets stuck. Stuck in disbelief, fear, disorganization. What does JMH do to conquer and push pass this rut? On day 91, she starts writing a book! A must read if you want to be inspired and enlightened by JMH and her empowering guest authors. This book is one that you can pick up in an afternoon to get just that creativity surge that all entrepreneurs need from time to time.

Gratefully yours,
Nicole Warner
Founder, Encourager, Entrepreneur

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