{Meet the Social Media Butterfly}

{Meet the Social Media Butterfly}

Social media butterfly Danielle Willis brings a unique mix of integrated media experience to help churches, ministries, non-for-profit organizations, and small businesses to find their social media DNA.  She does this by equipping these organizations with the social media and traditional promotional tools needed to effectively brand themselves and connect with their prospects, customers and other supporters.

From social media press releases to content management via WordPress, Willis has coached several of her top clients on ways to interactively tell their stories; design a powerful presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and blogs; build their e-mail lists; and how to use brand themselves in the virtual world.

Her biggest accomplishment to date was serving as social media manager for Pastor Corey Brooks, better known as “The Rooftop Pastor.”  What started as a simple project to relay details of Pastor Brooks’ goal to raise funds for a new community center in the heart of ____ using traditional public relations meets social media turned into a unique experience of sculpting the message of Project Hood, Pastor Corey Brooks and New Beginnings Church. From this experience, Danielle’s company, Metamorphosis Solution, came to be.

As a result of this project, Willis gained a greater understanding of the unique dilemmas faced by churches, ministries, and non-for-profit organizations, and she teaches them how to use social media to craft their stories and gain financial support through conversations. Pastor Brooks used Twitter to deliver pointed messages in 140 characters or less – globally.

To date, Willis’ social media DNA looks like:  311 followers on Twitter; connections on Facebook; 128 connections on LinkedIn.

She’s truly a butterfly!


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#TEW Crew.

#TEW Crew.

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