Let’s Cross-Promote!

Let’s Cross-Promote!


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We have partnered with WomenPartner.org, news organization that is connecting the metro women in business markets on 6 continents to facilitate collaborative business relationships, to provide my associates with a complimentary directory listing.

All you have to do is read our joint news post on http://bit.ly/1e20r5n, share the post in your in your social networking updates, and respond to the scavenger hunt questions to provide proof that you read through the news. Then you will receive instructions on how to post your directory listing.

Make sure you check out WomenPartner.org’s upcoming Marketing to Women Pow Wow while you are on the site. It’s a great opportunity to meet women from around the globe who can open business doors for your business.




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Cre8ing Your Personal Brand

There are three keys to creating a unique and memorable personal brand.

  • Passion + Purpose.
  • Creativity + Photography.
  • Execution + Consistency. 


Passion + Purpose

Chances are if you are seeking to create a personal brand for yourself, your passion and purpose has evolved. When creating your brand think clearly about what you want to portray. Consider how you want your target audience to view you (most likely as an expert in your field). With that, ensure that your passion flows freely when communicating your brand to the world.  We want to know the real you, nothing phony or fake.


Creativity + Photography.

Your brand is your bread and butter, it’s the center of your earth. You must display it creatively. By enlisting a team of professional photographers, designers, marketers and PR experts you are investing in yourself and your purpose. Please do not put out fuzzy or inappropriate photographs with yourself as the subject. The image that you present to the world will be the very presence that is felt by your clients, consumers, family and friends. Ensure that your image represents you fully for what you wish to convey. Professional photos can make you or break your branding efforts. If within your brand you market or sell a product, ensure that those products are also photographed professionally for marketing purposes.


Execution + Consistency. 

Execution of a strategy and a marketing plan is critical. My motto is, “if you stop marketing, they stop watching.” Therefore, ensure that you are constantly nourishing and caring for your brand. Create a marketing strategy and execute it. Hire a team of professionals that will help elevate your mission and your movement to the next level. Be unique, be memorable, be helpful to the consumer, interact and network. Most of all be consistent in the creative output of your brand and ensure that your messaging is clear. be.you!


Julie M. Holloway (a.k.a. JMH)

Marketing & Design Professional and Author





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Common Mistakes to Avoid When Attending Conferences

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Attending Conferences

Leaving the office for several days to attend a conference can be a big undertaking. Some simple preparation will help you can take away more valuable info and really focus on the People on conferencemessage being delivered. Brush up on who will be attending and why they are relevant to the industry so you can identify targets for networking effectively.

Staying Offsite

Though it might be tempting to save some money by booking a hotel “just a little ways away” from the conference site, think twice. You might be saving money on the room but will ground transportation be reliable enough to get you where you need to go on time in the morning? What if you forget something in your room that you need for the afternoon? How late can you get a ride back to your hotel room if you stay for a networking event or evening session? Plus by staying offsite you have the potential to miss untold networking opportunities – whether it’s a gathering of industry folks in the lounge or an industry leader riding an elevator with you. Before you book, take advantage of cardholder benefits (like travel planning) from your American Express card or leverage other business partnerships to be sure you’re getting a great rate at the best location. You’d be surprised what vendors you work with everyday can offer you so brush up on your benefits before you hit the road.

Forgetting Business Cards

Don’t be the guy who has to scribble his name and phone number on a ratty cocktail napkin. You will meet people you want to keep in touch with whether for business or personal reasons. Colleen A. Rickenbacher of ReliablePlant.com recommends that networkers pack plenty of business cards and then grab another handful before you close your suitcase. It’s also a good idea to prepare a set of business cards with additional information like a cell phone number or linked in profile address. Don’t miss valuable opportunities because you don’t have a card, or a pen, or a stable surface to write on. A great first impression won’t last long if you can’t even deliver your contact information efficiently.

Dressing Inappropriately

Conferences are as much about networking and relationship-building as they are about learning. Don’t show up in a battered t-shirt and jeans if everyone else will be wearing polished polos. Wearing appropriate attire isn’t square or stuffy, it’s a sign of respect for all those you come in contact with.

Secondly: layer, layer, layer. Temperatures can fluctuate in meeting rooms and break areas. Being uncomfortable makes it hard to focus so don’t get into a situation where you are shivering instead of learning.

Loose Lips Sink Ships

Nothing will ruin your opportunities for networking and overall success faster than being overheard saying nasty, thoughtless or catty things about your colleagues. You never know who might overhear you trashing the last presenter while you get a refill on your coffee. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all – it’s the golden rule for a reason!

Social No-No’s

Same goes for social media, and doubly so since what you put online can be shared quickly and mercilessly. Don’t burn bridges with inane negative comments and be sure to share positive helpful ideas. Jodi Schaap of MyTurnstone.com says that it’s a good idea to share ideas and try to collaborate with other presenters whenever possible. The idea of a conference is to branch out and network, so remember that and avoid being tempted puff yourself up too much.


By: Ava Stevens

Ava is a freelance writer from Maine.

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