My Friday Testimony: from an entrepreneur.

My Friday Testimony: from an entrepreneur.

TESTIMONY: so last week, in the midst of crumbling to-do lists, stagnant marketing ideas, sick kids, isolation/keeping to myself, messed up bills, tiresome body and burnt out acreativity, I literally laid on my office floor like three times in one day. Just tired; i was spent and whining….for what I believe was the 4th week in a row.

So a little while later, I get back to my computer and there you have it, a message from my dear friend Quinn Riley talkin’ bout…..”You alright up there…I’m gonna check in on you from time-to-time. You’re too talented to quit; and got too much content to throw in the towel…” ~ mind you we had not chatted in a few weeks….

Whaaaaaaaa@t. Can I just tell you how that one message changed my entire outlook for Q4/!?!?!

He was there for me 3 years ago when I endeavored to start this journey, and he has always truly been there for me to this day. I am so grateful for the divine wake-up call last week! All aboard….entrepreneurSHIP is truly a daily work in progress. Start small, dream big and keep it movin’

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I am… an Entrepreneur by JMH

I am… an Entrepreneur by JMH

616473_10151157322443733_1076697868_oI thrive on creativity.
I mingle with destiny.
I love to take a risk.
I can’t stand NOT to COLLABORATE!
I network with passionate people.
I am growing 2 mini-kidpreneurs!
I live for tomorrow as it’s such a blank canvas!
I give myself away…so you can use me {{make use of my creativity}}
I burn midnight oil.
I remain inspired by you!
I TELL people to quit their day job.
I am the dream ‘midwife’ . . .
I love my art.
I love to share my passion with my family.
I no longer FEAR.
I support you!
I wake up at the crack of dawn with butterflies, excited what today will hold.
I dream about marketing ideas.
I design from the <3
I am divinely content.
I took a LEAP of faith.
I learn from the BEST!
I think I’m on FIRE!
I never remain comfortable.
I live the dream.
I grind. They sleep.
I quit my job 1 and 1/2 years ago to pursue my dream.

I have UNLEASHED my entrepreneur within.
Have you?

<3 JMH




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Procrastination | AJ

Procrastination | AJ

About AJ

Business and entrepreneurial expert, Adam “Action” Jackson, is a modern day mogul for the 21st century. Jackson’s savvy and creative business strategies have helped start, support, and improve functionality for over 175 businesses, causing growth and sustainability for each company. He has been on the move and under the radar, stealthily assisting entrepreneurs and business-owners in their endeavors to realize dreams of becoming business-owners for many years. Innovative case studies and unique implementation are the seeds Jackson has used to create successful marketing advertisements for over 600 businesses. He has managed and consulted keen plans of action for over 120 real estate transactions–both residential and commercial.

Further cementing his mogul status, Jackson is also part owner of the only sweet potato bakery in the world, Jimmy Jamm Sweet Potato Bakery Cafe, located in Chicago’s Beverly Neighborhood.

Jackson also has luxury car rental investments in Miami and Los Angeles.

Now, he’s sharing the knowledge he has learned along the way, all while making contributions to the success of over 600 businesses.

During the course of Jackson’s journey, he has also managed to find time to devote to many charitable activities with organizations such as;

Ada S. McKinley-Since 1994, Jackson has been involved with this organization and supported their efforts to entertain disabled adults.

Rush Presbyterian Hospital-For over 10 years, Jackson has committed his time to visit with the sick and terminally ill at this hospital.

Advocate Christ Hospital-For more than 3 years, Jackson has donated his time to visit with the sick and terminally ill.

All the while taking the time to train and mentor as many as fifteen businesses on a pro-bono basis annually.

Jackson has fed the homeless on Chicago’s Lower Wacker Drive for 3 years straight. He’s gone the extra mile to do more than just feed them because there are many places to go and get a meal in the city, however, a kind word and a sympathetic ear–well that’s way too much for many to consider– yet Adam Jackson has done just that. He has taken food to the homeless and spent time listening to the many stories of bad circumstances that have befallen them, which landed them in their current situation.

Jackson is a man of action. He is not just one to give advice; he puts his own words to practice. Having owned over 30 businesses in various fields from clothing and retail to marketing and luxury rental cars, he is no stranger to success.Jackson delivers hard-hitting facts along with life experience to improve any business and reshape the company’s strategy for success. With Adam Jackson, there is never a problem, only a solution, and there will be no room for failure, only upward mobility.

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WOW.TEWCrew 2012!

WOW.TEWCrew 2012!






Check out our full list of fabulous guest authors!

We are so excited and encouraged to have all of these wonderful colleagues along the way, writing and inspiring the lives of others.


Here’s the TEW Crew:

  1. Dr. Bernada Nicole Baker – Walking in Your Passion/Purpose (Foreword)
  2. Julie M. Holloway “aka” JMH – The Entrepreneur Within Me
  3. Rhonda Alexander (T.E.W. Editor) – Don’t Stay Past Your Expiration Date
  4. Nicole Knox – Power Keeping
  5. Quinn Riley – aka “Q” – Living on 5th Ave
  6. Merry Marwig – Asking for Help
  7. Anthony “Ant” L. Smith, Author/Keynote Speaker/ Improvement Coach
  8. Patrice N. Perkins – Don’t be a Serial Entrepreneur
  9. Glenn Murray – Relationships in Business
  10. Rhonda Alexander (T.E.W. Editor) – Don’t Stay Past Your Expiration Date
  11. Adam Jackson – Procrastination
  12. Ms. Shaniqua Jones – Senorita Entertainment | The Vision
  13. Danielle Willis – Eating an Elephant: Overcoming Obstacles to Entrepreneurship
  14. Steve Amella + Beth Doyle – Power Marketing
  15. Dana theLoctician & Barber – My Two Most Valuable Lessons: Faith in Me and Marketing is the First Step
  16. Tiff “aka Tiff’s Editing Cafe” – Workin’ 9-5 + More
  17. Kenny Carroll – From Ideas to Execution
  18. Corliss Johnson – Marrying My Destiny
  19. Galonda Chatman – Entrepreneurship. A Blessing + a Curse


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