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Diversity is a huge topic in the tech world today, and we chose to take a different route in addressing the issue. Our goal was to become a funnel for the information the minority community wasn’t receiving. But, we wanted our value to reach far and wide, so Hip Hop (a universal language) has helped us. By making “smart” cool we attracted a diverse community of people, which resulted in even more growth.Recently on Twitter someone mentioned something interesting about Tech808 Oakland:

We are very happy to have so many great women of color on our stage. Our questions is, why don’t other stages around entrepreneurship and tech look the same? The great thing about diversity in tech is we get to solve more problems, for more people. If everyone who gets a shot at an opportunity with proper funding looks the same, then the problems they are solving are limited. Nobody wins.

Fortune magazine reported African American women as the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs in America. But, you wouldn’t know that if you read Fortune all year, or looked at the latest line up of speakers at some big named tech conference.

If we want to make entrepreneurship cool again, everybody has to be involved and informed. We are happy to be sponsoring youth from Black Girls Code,United Roots Oakland, and Hack The Hood to attend Tech808 Oakland for free. We have to show young people there are examples of success that look like them. Lets continue to build!

Tickets are on sale now for $75 for a limited amount. Grab yours now.


Tech808 Oakland. Bootstrappers special $75! Limited Time.
“I wish I could give you this feeling” –Kanye West

Hip Hop.

Silicon Valley.
REAL answers.
All under one roof!
Join us. Only if you want to succeed!
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The #TEWcrew loves connecting with like-minded entrepreneurs, and we thought that this was a great opportunity, so we shared it. #inspiration

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Success and Fear: Life’s Oil and Water

Success and Fear: Life’s Oil and Water

Ladder of successThe human brain is an infinitely mysterious organ, but simple when it comes to our happiness, contentment and fears. Unfortunately the latter emotion is the most powerful of the three in far too many people, especially when it comes to their careers. Thirty percent of people said their biggest fear is making a mistake, according to a Robert Half International survey in 2012. The National Institute of Mental Health found that 6.3 million Americans between the ages of 18 and 54 have some type of specific phobia.

Fear mostly comes from people’s inability to believe in themselves, while perpetually comparing their own achievements with others. President Franklin D. Roosevelt famously and correctly told Americans in his First Inaugural Address that there is nothing to fear but fear itself. Once we embrace this truism by the last man to serve more than two terms as U.S. President, we can focus on living a satisfying, fulfilling life.

Financial Success

The first thing to determine is what actually constitutes financial success to them. Is it being able to log into your checking account online and see a six-figure balance? Is it being able to provide food, water, shelter and protection for your family? Regardless, whatever constitutes financial success to you must be personally unique and not an attempted emulation of someone else. The common-sense, yet often ignored, pathway to financial success is to simply live within your means. A 2012 study by the National Financial Literacy Survey found that 56 percent of Americans have no budget at all, and nearly 40 percent carry credit card debt. There is no shame in getting outside advice on your finances. You can always obtain advice from a large asset management company like Raymond James, or go with smaller companies like Liquid Holdings, ran by financial guru Brian Ferdinand.

Family Success

There is no simple way to define a successful family. Some researchers, according to a 1990 study by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, say a high degree of marital happiness, satisfying parent-child relationships, and meeting each others’ needs constitutes family success. But it doesn’t take a professional for individuals to identify activities and encounters that make them feel good or bad. Women are the primary culprits of staying in relationship even though it does nothing but bring negativity to their lives. A study by the National Institute Of Health found that 54 percent of women surveyed stayed with their emotionally abusive husbands because they perceived them as dependable. Fear of the unknown is also a common deterrent. A successful family is the root of success in every other aspect of life.

Social Success

A great social life can only be achieved when true to yourself and not conveying a perpetual lie to others. Social interaction of the 21st century has changed dramatically with social media, text messages and emails. This virtual world has many people believing they have 300-plus “friends” because that is how many people are in their Facebook network. A Pew survey found that 31 percent of people’s Facebook “friends” are not classified as close friends, family or co-workers. Lee Iacocca, the inventor of the Ford Mustang, had the best advice when it comes to social lives: “[W]hen you die, if you’ve got five real friends, you’ve had a great life.”


Author: Dionne Wilkins

Dionne is a financial advisor and finance writer for several online publications. She lives and writes in North Dakota.

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Live L.I.F.E.

Live L.I.F.E.


All about Anthony

 Dream BIG—Plan, get excited and take action NOW . . . the world is waiting to cheer your success.”


Prior to starting his own consulting firm, co-owner of Dramatic Impact Productions of Redondo Beach, CA, and authoring his first self-improvement book “L.I.F.E Intentional, Living In Fullness Everyday”, Anthony worked as a professional speaker and teacher of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) for world-renowned author and speaker Anthony Robbins and ARA, Inc. He is currently combining his talents as a producer, screenwriter, actor and comedian with a feature film in pre-production, and hosting the highly successful talk show “Trending Topics w/Ant&Shira” (www.LATalkRadio.com/Topics.php). 


In the course of a diverse 12-year career in all aspects of mortgage sales and real estate investments, real estate investment management, financial/assets portfolio management and employee benefits development, Anthony L. Smith has proven to be a skilled executive, visionary entrepreneur and trouble-shooter and turnaround expert.


Anthony leveraged his skills in his personal and spiritual life, health, and relationships; as well as professionally with award winning, high profile Realtors, developers and construction companies, network marketing organizations, friends, students, and a host of other people and institutions, throughout the Chicago land area and Southern California; established employee benefits with companies as large as Methodist Hospitals of Northwest Indiana, Majestic Star Casino, City of East Chicago (just to name a few); while specializing in meeting the needs of these professionals and organizations.

“Failure is not an option…therefore, success is inevitable!”

For listeners, executives and professionals, owners of closely held businesses and other clients requiring assistance with advanced strategies for personal and/or business development and management, and consistent increase in profit margins, and those wanting above average individualize success, Anthony L. Smith brings a wealth of experience and strategies to help facilitate your goals.



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a LITTLE big Inspiration!

a LITTLE big Inspiration!

This is just simply amazing!

No one said the road was easy, however it’s great!

The TEW Crew wishes you a happy and productive day!

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