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Hey all! Today in JMH ‘news’ I’d like to invite you to a wonderful afternoon of inspiration on Saturday, November 14th in the lovely Downtown Elgin!

The BEYOND THE VISION TOUR with Life Coach Renee Jefferson Smith (from Houston)

Grab your ticket today for one of the most special events of this new season we are in (open to male and female participants):renee2c2

Why Chicago? – Renee was one of my very first graphic design clients 8 years ago. She’s been there for me, and me here through so many business experiences, family changes and life-changing moments. It’s time for us to meet!

Why the Tour? – Renee has a very valuable career and business background. It’s time for her to go on the road and share with ladies, and girls what has led her to her success today.

Why Downtown Elgin? – I am absolutely in love with the community and small business atmosphere that is live and well in Elgin. It is close to my hometown of Hanover Park, where I am trying to work with the village to create that same feel. The studio in which we will host this event is absolutely epic, and is owned by a wonderful woman, Ola.

Why Honor Dr. Bernada? – The tour would not be possible, if I did not have one of my number one mentors, cheerleaders, and supporters right there with me. It is on this day, I will give thanks and praise to a woman who has taught me about self love, courage, faith, relationships and the act of serving God and the community. This day will allow me to give back to her organization with a financial blessing, as well as a blessing from deep within my heart. She has climbed mountains to achieve many degrees and start a wonderful foundation, which my daughter was recipient of many blessings at a young age – The Princess Within Foundation.

Dr. Bernada has truly inspired me to live beyond my vision, and with that, I wish to invite you to do the same!

We hope you can join us – tickets are required!
Learn more as we approach this very special event!

See you soon!

Grab your ticket today for one of the most special events of this new season we are in:

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TEW + Kids Meet-Up Today!

TEW + Kids Meet-Up Today!

Today, in Chicago (burbs) we are doing something a bit different! A casual meet-up (kids/or no kids) all are welcome! We’ll bee at Green Valley Golf Range​ from 9:30-2:30 so come on by, for a few minutes, or a few hours! 🙂 Mini golf and ice cream is around $6-7ish


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The TEW 3 Launch Video is Here!

Thank you Z for the great footage!


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The Entrepreneur Within

The Entrepreneur Within

by Julie M. Holloway

· · ·

This year I set out to discover my “true” WHY. After much artistic and internal exploration, I found these simple words lit up my every day “let your soul sparkle.”                   

I am Julie Holloway (best known as JMH). I am an artist, author and graphic designer. For 16 years I worked in corporate America only to realize I did not quite fit in. My calling has always been my art and living a colorful lifestyle. I can finally say that after 38 years on earth, I am able to do that. I live and work from my home in Hanover Park, IL and I am on a continual journey of making sure that the work I am doing aligns with my “WHY”.  11760132_403559593185338_8418241033455689884_n (1)

A few years ago, I went through a tumultuous journey of being slightly abused by my last boss. He was very controlling, rude, argumentative and demanding. I could not thrive while working for him no matter how hard I tried. Out of the sheer need to voice my experiences of wanting so badly to be a full-time entrepreneur, to ultimately wanting to bless others with my “quit story,” I began to write my first book, an inspirational business anthology titled The Entrepreneur Within You (TEW), and we just launched the third volume!  I want people to know that, “Dreams are REAL, and that sometimes, success is the best REVENGE for the ultimate challenge.”

I went to The School of The Art Institute of Chicago for one year, quit, and never jumped into the art industry as a career.  About seven years ago, I finally made the jump back into my passion for art and design. A cousin in Chicago asked me to design a logo, so I bought a program off of Craigslist for $50 and taught myself graphic design. I started freelancing, and my business grew from the ground up. I’ve now been able to include my other artistic talents, drawing and painting, into my design business. I do get burned out from time to time because being an entrepreneur is hard work, but I’m learning daily how to be better at what I do and I’m working to become an even better mother and wife. 

After leaving a corporate job to start my business, I had to become a salesman, bill collector, accountant, financial planner, and marketer, when I really just wanted to focus on my artwork and graphic design. As entrepreneurs, we want to do it all, but sometimes that isn’t possible. I’ve been very lucky to have a lot of positive and influential mentors, friends and family members. I’m very thankful, and I try to repay the support they’ve given me by creating a strong entrepreneurial community with my book series, TEW. Aside from coffee, I need a strong network and the support of my family, which I’ve been lucky to have. 


Julie M. Holloway is an artist based in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. She is the founder of JMH Cre8ive Solutions, a boutique graphic design agency and is the curator of a book series titled The Entrepreneur Within You. She loves coffee, collaborating and hanging with family and friends. Learn more about her creative endeavors at, and or contact her at or by phone at (630) 855-3351.



“If the creative artist worries if he will still be free tomorrow, then he will not be free today.”                       

 – Salman Rushdie

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[GUEST POST] 7 Tools To Manage All Social Profiles At One Place

[GUEST POST] 7 Tools To Manage All Social Profiles At One Place


Social media was formed to connect people, to bring them together. It succeeded indeed bringing people together and therefore made way for new SOCIAL POSTform of marketing. Social profiles like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ have become a big medium to endorse yourself or your business in this internet-led world. But at the same time such profiles are increasing in number by time passing. Previously it was easy to juggle 1-2 profiles of Facebook and Twitter. But with new brewing ideas these profiles are increased in number and it has become time consuming to update such profiles. But now some of these minds which brew up new ideas have also found some tools with special qualities of managing multiple social profiles at the same place. Here are the 7 of them,


Hootsuite is considered best in this business. It allows you to associate with social profiles including WordPress. Its dashboard gives you complete look of the notification from various accounts. You can also schedule posts, perform campaigns on various profiles, track conversations and can get the detailed analysis of your profile. It also has a mobile app.

With free pack you can link up to three social media accounts. You also have an option to upgrade to pro or enterprise mode.


Buffer allows you to schedule posts and messages on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkdIn. One click and you can share data on all profiles. It also gives you a complete analysis of profiles. You can also handle it through mobile app.

Buffer is free to use for a short trial period and then you’ll have to pay $10 per month. With unlimited scheduling you can link up to 12 accounts with 2 team members.


SumAll gives you complete analysis of your account in a central dashboard. You can get the report by visiting the app or you can opt to get the weekly e-mail. Here, you can link to various accounts like Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkdIn, Pinterest and Tumblr.


With special features like auto-following the new followers, this app allows you to schedule your tweets as well. You can handle your social media activity at one place with Facebook, Twitter, LinkdIn and Plurk account. You can use it for free.

Sprout Special

Sprout special too can handle multiple social profiles. You can send, share posts on Facebook, twitter and other accounts easily saving lot of time. It also shows you analysis of your profile.

You can use this application for free but only for some time and then you’ll have to take up package which includes prizes as $39, $59 and $99 per month.

Social Hunt

It has special feature which allows you to choose important accounts from twitter and it gives you account’s report every time it does an activity. It successfully tracks the activities of that twitter handle. You can schedule the reporting at different time.


Sendible allows you to link with blogging sites. It also has features which give you freedom to write and publish articles. It also gives you deep analysis of social media marketing efforts.

You can have its 30 day free trial but then it charges for its services after the time span. Good Monster an SEO agency in Syracuse, believes that social media is best strategy for SEO.


TEW3 is coming soon! 

Join us for the launch on July 26th in Brookfield, IL!



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