Support our TEW 3 co-author with his new releases!

Support our TEW 3 co-author with his new releases!

Help People Build Businesses and Avoid Fake Media – Supporters can receive TEW book as one of the perks! 

Support two books that help people market their businesses better and have better chats online!
I am launching two nonfiction books. Breakthrough Measures help small & medium size business owners improve their sales and customer experience with digital marketing. It Got Back To The Wrong People is an analytics-influenced communication book that helps people understand the current digital landscape, vet the ideas that they encounter online, and gain tips for improving their online discussions and real-world relationships.

Launch Two Books That Helps People Make Better Marketing Decisions And Help Them Communicate Online Better 

I am launching two nonfiction books, one that is aimed at small & medium size businesses that want to improve their sales and customer experience with digital marketing analytic, and a second that gets to the heart of why people are having bad communication online and off – from trolling to debates related to the 2016 election, bad communication is everywhere.

Book One: Breakthrough Measures

This marketing analytics book takes a look at how analytics can be used within your business to connect to your customers, helping businesses understand how to leverage their social media, their paid search, and their other offline marketing which is impacted.  The book reflects over 8 years of experience and is preceded by articles written in CMSWire, All Analytics, and DMNews. 

  • Chapter 1 The Lay of the Land – This introduction covers the meaning behind current stats and trends, and looks at what technology and business resources should be in place. The reader will know how digital marketing should be set against business objectives 10 pg
  • Chapter 2 Organizing Where The Journey Begins This section will touch upon key pieces that should be in place.  This chapter will also include basic website code to help users know what can be done for simple tasks and for using a tag manager to organize tags. 20 pg
  • Chapter 3 Search Basics This chapter covers the latest resources and steps for developing a search strategy.  This chapter will cover developing a customer persona, inserted against site code, and how keywords are selected  20 pg
  • Chapter 4 Mobile Basics This chapter covers the latest resources and steps for developing a mobile strategy.  This chapter will cover how mobile SEO is managed and ideas for selecting a mobile landing page.  A segment on apps development and how it relates to analytics will be addressed 15 pg
  • Chapter 5  Ad Basics – Paid and Social This chapter covers the latest resources and steps for developing a paid search strategy.  This chapter will cover the latest information from paid search ads and social ads.  Google, Bing, Pinterest, Amazon, Facebook and Instagram will be covered. An explanation of varying the marketing message will be included.  20 pg
  • Chapter 6 Social Media Basics This chapter covers the latest social media resources, and is meant to explain how a small business should manage across the platforms.  This will touch upon social dashboards and be a bridge to analytics – strategies is to learn how to engage on a platform and measure a result. This chapter will focus on how to best manage content for varying platforms (content marketing, video/live recording).   25 pg
  • Chapter 7 Analytics Reporting: Where To Look First This chapter covers the basic metrics and how the reporting can work for guiding a business decision regarding search, paid search, and social media   50pg
  • Chapter 8 Analytics Reporting: Where To Look Next This chapter covers developing a segmentation that shows how customers are connecting to the site contents. Topics will include multichannel reporting, custom variables, custom reports, and filters   50 pg
  • Chapter 9 Analytics Reporting: Advanced Measures  This chapter covers the latest ideas and concepts for connecting metrics to business objectives, such as customer lifetime value. It will also cover some basic ideas for using advanced tools such as R programming and data mining based on GA. 40 pg
  • Chapter 10 Visualizing The Breakthroughs  This chapter covers simple dashboard concerns and keeping everyone on a small business team on-message with the results.  This will include data visualization tools and plugins for Excel dashboards   30 pg
  • Chapter 11 Repairman: Basic Analytic Diagnostics and Data Security This chapter covers simple diagnostic concerns that can arise with respect to analytics tags, page speed performance, and maintaining secure usage of data.  30 pg
  • Chapter 12 Upgrade Your Marketing This chapter covers the how a small business should look at updated its content. It will provide resources for maintaining current to date with the latest digital marketing and technology trends  10 pg

Book Two: It Got Back To The Wrong People

This book, which its genesis is an offshoot of Breakthrough Measures, examines how  digital technology & media combined with social behavior influences our collective means for expressing opinions and responding to comments.  The impacts are widespread, from marketers whose brands now encounter people’s values in their efforts, to  the everyday person, culminating in the aftermath of the 2016 US election.   

People are interested in dialogue as long as it is meaningful.  The book can help foster that dialogue.

People features an overview of how media and shifting public usage of technology connects to  communication and social issues offline.  The first chapters explain the digital influences. The second set shows examples within the arts and politics, as well as various cultures.  The last chapters provide context, tips to discern issues, and recommendations on what to do. Anyone who reads it will learn, reflect, and enjoy the ideas to communicate effectively.  

  • Chapter 1  Big Mouth: A Brief History of How “It” Got Back To You Starting with an examination of a comment from Bill Cosby on his 2004 NAACP awards speech – nicknamed the “Pound Cake” speech – this chapter looks at some of the social issues and public events that have been impacted when exposed online.  The chapter offers thoughts of how our comments on issues are observational, but leave out an examination of causal effects – and how such instances impacts communication and context surround social media online.  This chapter will note well-known discussions in media, from entertainment, business, and government (which will also serve into the first few chapters as well).
  • Chapter 2  “The Media” Reflects On You This chapter notes the history of the new broadcasts from the pre-cable days to now, and how our collective understanding of information has changed.  People have the impression that the media is biased and unfair, but shifts in how information is presented means that it can be a mirror to ourselves rather than a collective, shared understanding. Media may be acting more as a mirror, just like the internet. This chapter ultimately will look at how our communication and everyday judgement have been impacted.   Example:  The media may be acting more as a mirror, similar to the internet  (Filter Bubble advocated by Eli Pariser,  Pop news coverage over the years (Michael Jackson, OJ Simpson trial) influencing coverage, consolidation of news media sources ); Fake news is forcing social media platforms to better police their content.
  • Chapter 3  Wade in the Social Media Water: Our Community Online  This chapter examines the rise of social media and how it – and the commercialism that embraced it first – has becomes influential in how we communicate.   The chapter name is a variation of the old Negro spiritual “Wade In The Water”, meant in this instance as a metaphor for how people wade in the “waters of information” — at different banks, different time of day, and for different purposes.  Therefore our experiences become a number of opinions with varying degrees of communication skills that can hard to discern online.  Example Thought:   Everyone can offer their opinion on social media, but that opinion can spread. That can be dangerous for small businesses (Memories Pizza in Indiana, Amy Baking Company in Arizona) and individuals (#CecilTheLion)
  • Chapter 4  Everything Sticks: How Technology Can Change The Scope of Our Common Sense and Ethics The character Selina Kyle/Catwoman, as portrayed by Anne Hathaway in The Dark Knight Rises, once complained that starting fresh in life is hard because “everything sticks”. This chapter will take a look at how various everyday tech – from our devices to analytics- can correlate information, but a key influencer, the data being examined, shifts separately of common sense and intuition. decisions.  For people and issues that are considered “data” in a debate, pitfalls appear when we have issues communicated through technology and media. Example Thought: People can be more analytical about their lives – their health, their choices in how they spend their money, map places they need to go. But the capability does not mean life is better for everyone.  The work behind a benefit has to be done to achieve a benefit from what is being measured.
  • Chapter 5  Asymmetric Truth: When Online Opinions Become Our Real Thoughts In Life Communication can create perceived correlations when there is more to it, but what we convey online does not always reveal offline influences. This chapter will cover how asymmetric information can develop, and how our opinions become facts when all the facts are not presented.  Twitter usage will be among the topics examined, as are examples of how social issues are rooted in asymmetric experiences for various people.  The chapter will also speak to how we process information in specific and diffuse ways, with a theme that we must seek information where possible. 
  • Chapter 6  Culture: How We Identify Ourselves   How we see ourselves influences how we communicate to the world. This chapter will examine how culture influence us as individuals, and how that shapes our discussions online. Notes about how personal experience, faith, psychology, and cultural issues such as women’s rights influence how we express our ideas online will be included.  Examples: Hashtag campaigns for women’s issues in professional careers are examined — #ILookLikeAnEngineer,  #gamergate 
  • Chapter 7 Art: When We Dream of Life (and Life Becomes A Dream) The chapter examines instances in Art and Entertainment regarding how we express ourselves online. 
  • Chapter 8  Politics: The Art of Deciding Our Values, Our Fate, and Our Voice Examples in politics and activism regarding how we communicate online – why our debates need varied voices to make progress, and an examination of social bottlenecks to communication.
  • Chapter 9  Passing Knowledge: Organizing How You Listen, Explain, and Share Ideas Tips on how to assess the media you ingest online and how to review content for misleading or limited information.  Some tips will be based on analytic practices and will include social media platforms to help people select tools to appreciate the groups they choose to associate with online.
  • Chapter 10 In a Crowd Alone: Being Aware of How We Relate to People  Tips on how to to deal with people with our devices and behavior. We are always communicating, just like our devices – when do we to know when we are dealing with people in a straightforward manner.   
  • Chapter 11 What to Keep In Mind When Advocating  – Tips on what to look for when giving your message (and for marketers, small businesses, and nonprofits, how to look at context & metrics with a message).
  • Chapter 12  Never Throw Rocks And Hide Your Hands: How To Debate and Discuss Safely – Educate yourself on communicating safely online – what to look for from individuals online and off – the character and quality of posted material must align to be truthful.

Why these books are important

These books are important to me as way to engage people on seemingly different topics that are yet related ideas – much of analytics is related to context and communication online.  Breakthrough Measures will cover best practice in analysis, while  It Got Back To The Wrong People offers people a way to vet the ideas that they encounter online and choose to discuss.  

I wanted to introduce books that could benefits others through some best practices from my experiences and maybe shift debates so that people can have better conversations.   I’ve incorporated aspects of these experiences in my marketing presentations, but I  wanted a more dedicated platform to talk about best practices.

Details on what the funds will go towards

Ok folks, here’s the details on how the funds will be used.

  • The books will be published via Bookbaby.
  • Perks are the books themselves, plus opportunities for workshops to be donated to a group of your choosing.  
  • Funds will cover book expenses (through Bookbaby – roughly $1200 to cover an initial run of 200 books), an editor to help review both books (est $1500/each), a designer who is starting work on the book covers ($400/each), two banners for conferences ($500/each), a dedicated website for the books (est $300), and marketing via paid search marketing via Linked In, Facebook, and Adwords.
  • The funds will also allow a dedicated budget for marketing the books consistently through 2017 and into 2018.  

There are Zimana funds earmarked for the project as well. Another Zimana product, an analytics app, is well underway. It will provide small businesses another way to manage expenses accurately, based on analytics.

Another issue, albeit personal, is the replacement of the “company car”  (The current car is a nearly 16 year old Ford Focus with over 233,000 miles as of this writing – vehicle was kept during graduate school, working, and while starting Zimana 8 years ago to keep start up costs low.  New speaking opportunities that require travel is now driving up wear and the need to replace it).

Thus any support for this project would be well appreciated, because additional resources can be used to help complete several tasks with more financial ease and ensuring better quality on the books!

Your Impact

Your contribution will make a difference in two major ways:

  • The world needs a communication book to help it understand how fake news and continual digital communication has altered trust among people, and to take action on making it better. It Got Back To The Wrong People will help folks. 
  • Small and medium size businesses need an up-to-date marketing analytics book, and it has been awhile since such a book has been on the market.  Breakthrough Measures will deliver a solid book that will help businesses compete cost-effectively to develop digital budgets.  As options become more complex, a simple guide is needed. Breakthrough Measures is that guide.

I have a really great business background  – I included video so you can see and hear me, as well as to get to know me professionally.  I am also uploading a few images that reflect the past work I have accomplished, so you know that this project’s milestones will be delivered.  


Risks & Challenges

Right now the only key risk is managing time well through this year. 3 workshops are already scheduled, so I have to prepare those.  I am also working with a few clients and conducting developer work on an app that will create complementary services.  But the book project will be a success for several reasons:

  • I have worked under pressure before, so dedicate focus is at the core of this project from the start.  I am adding communication tools (Slack, Evernote) to be efficient. Evernote is used to speed up the time it takes to do the dictation and refine the text.  Slack will be used with the designer to manage the book.
  • I have experience not only writing but in editing,  I have been an associate editor of business book reviews for Small Business Trends, so I know what goes into a nonfiction and business book. I have also been a technical editor for two Pearson/Que publications, and consulted on books authored by Ramon Ray (The Small Business Guide To Facebook Marketing) and Marcus Hammonds ( God, Technology, and Us).
  • There are podcast opportunities ahead, and I will be presenting at three conferences where I can build interest for the books.
  • I also have support from the sites who I have contributed over the last 5 years. 

Donate a Pierre-Can-Help

You can donate this perk to a favorite non-profit or a small business of your choice (no Mulit-Level Marketing businesses). I am more than happy to provide a tailored workshop to explain a social media platform.  This is a $250 value for $65, so you are really receiving a good deal for this perk!

Other Ways You Can Help

If you just can’t contribute, you can help by sharing where possible.  Getting the word out gives feedback and offers new ideas, so sharing is certainly welcome.

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Blog Tour + TEW3 Launch – this July!

Blog Tour + TEW3 Launch – this July!

The Entreptbtslaunch23reneur Within You [known as TEW] // @ is launching the third volume at Cantata Best Life Foundation in Brookfield, IL on July 26th from 1:30-3:30pm. We’d love to have you!

We are going to kick-off our launch month this July with a blog tour. We are looking to partner with bloggers who are interested in featuring stories from a wide variety of entrepreneurs who share their candid, transparent stories, ups and downs, trials and wins within each of their chapters in thebook.

If your audience is welcoming of author interviews, let us know! Our goal is that each of our 25 contributors for ‪#‎TEW3‬ (over 60 contributors in all three volumes, TEW1, TEW2 and TEW3) be featured on a different blog by the end of summer.

We can provide the questions, or you can send your own to us! Let’s connect, reach and inspire together! Contact: ~ thank you! ~ the TEW Crew

We look forward to sharing this exciting time with you!

Click here to RSVP to the special launch event!

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[GUEST POST] 7 Tools To Manage All Social Profiles At One Place

[GUEST POST] 7 Tools To Manage All Social Profiles At One Place


Social media was formed to connect people, to bring them together. It succeeded indeed bringing people together and therefore made way for new SOCIAL POSTform of marketing. Social profiles like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ have become a big medium to endorse yourself or your business in this internet-led world. But at the same time such profiles are increasing in number by time passing. Previously it was easy to juggle 1-2 profiles of Facebook and Twitter. But with new brewing ideas these profiles are increased in number and it has become time consuming to update such profiles. But now some of these minds which brew up new ideas have also found some tools with special qualities of managing multiple social profiles at the same place. Here are the 7 of them,


Hootsuite is considered best in this business. It allows you to associate with social profiles including WordPress. Its dashboard gives you complete look of the notification from various accounts. You can also schedule posts, perform campaigns on various profiles, track conversations and can get the detailed analysis of your profile. It also has a mobile app.

With free pack you can link up to three social media accounts. You also have an option to upgrade to pro or enterprise mode.


Buffer allows you to schedule posts and messages on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkdIn. One click and you can share data on all profiles. It also gives you a complete analysis of profiles. You can also handle it through mobile app.

Buffer is free to use for a short trial period and then you’ll have to pay $10 per month. With unlimited scheduling you can link up to 12 accounts with 2 team members.


SumAll gives you complete analysis of your account in a central dashboard. You can get the report by visiting the app or you can opt to get the weekly e-mail. Here, you can link to various accounts like Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkdIn, Pinterest and Tumblr.


With special features like auto-following the new followers, this app allows you to schedule your tweets as well. You can handle your social media activity at one place with Facebook, Twitter, LinkdIn and Plurk account. You can use it for free.

Sprout Special

Sprout special too can handle multiple social profiles. You can send, share posts on Facebook, twitter and other accounts easily saving lot of time. It also shows you analysis of your profile.

You can use this application for free but only for some time and then you’ll have to take up package which includes prizes as $39, $59 and $99 per month.

Social Hunt

It has special feature which allows you to choose important accounts from twitter and it gives you account’s report every time it does an activity. It successfully tracks the activities of that twitter handle. You can schedule the reporting at different time.


Sendible allows you to link with blogging sites. It also has features which give you freedom to write and publish articles. It also gives you deep analysis of social media marketing efforts.

You can have its 30 day free trial but then it charges for its services after the time span. Good Monster an SEO agency in Syracuse, believes that social media is best strategy for SEO.


TEW3 is coming soon! 

Join us for the launch on July 26th in Brookfield, IL!



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Looking to Grow Your Business? 5 Funding Options to Consider

Looking to Grow Your Business? 5 Funding Options to Consider

You’ve spent the past few years establishing your business, and the time has come to expand. There’s only one problem: The necessary funds to take operations to the next level simply 9781630687038-Perfect-Outlines---CopyV3aren’t available. Must you turn to a bank for a loan, or should you explore other options? The answer depends on your personal financial situation, but these nontraditional sources of funding are worth considering:


Does the idea of asking strangers to fund your expansion leave you a bit unsettled? It shouldn’t, as it could be exactly what you need to get things off the ground. There are many people around the world with the same core values as you who are willing to support your cause. Plus, it won’t cost you anything out the gate to put your vision out there. Just be sure to read the fine print to determine the fees that accompany successful and failed campaigns. Also, inquire about any funding restrictions that may apply; select platforms have stringent barriers to entry, while others are open to the public. For a list of the top crowdfunding platforms, read this Forbes article.


This is another viable funding option, assuming you have the resources on hand. In fact, third-party lenders may ask, “What do you have to lose?” before considering your application, to see how much you believe in your business. And the first consideration may be the contributions you’ve made from your personal assets. Consider borrowing against the cash value on your life insurance policies, retirement fund or taking out a home equity loan. It’s important to note that not repaying an IRA or 401(k) account in a timely manner could result in an early withdrawal penalty of 10 percent and assessment of taxes. Before you borrow against your 401(k), ask yourself these four questions from U.S. News & World Report.

Structured Settlement Payouts

Are you receiving distributions from a structured settlement? Although the proceeds may be generous, it may not be enough to fund your business’s growth. Consider selling your future structured settlement payments for a lump sum to help fund your expansion. To learn more about selling your future structured settlement payments, visit

Venture Capitalists & Angel Investors

If your company is growing at a good clip, venture capitalists may be willing to take a chance on you. But there are definitely a few risk factors (and if you watch “Shark Tank,” these should could as no surprise). Along with the laundry list of stipulations to get them on board, venture capitalists will want their piece of the pie—and it could be in the form of a chunk of ownership. Simply put, they’re in it to win it, and money is the motivation. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, though, as you’ll more than likely have access to their brain and network.

Angel investors provide funding to entrepreneurs, whether they know them are not, who exemplify a willingness to do whatever it takes to attain success. Simply put, they derive pleasure from giving back to up-and-coming entrepreneurs—with few strings attached. For more on the difference between venture capitalists and angel investors, read this post from Business Insider.

SBA Loans

This last option isn’t that nontraditional, but it’s still worth mentioning. The most common among these federal offerings is the 7(a) Loan Program for small, U.S.-based for-profit entities. Applicants must be able to prove they’ve attempted to self-finance their operations and a funding gap still exists. Businesses in select industries aren’t eligible for inclusion, so review the guidelines to determine if you qualify. Visit the Small Business Administration for more information.


by Allison Martin
Allison Martin is a writer, financial mentor and business consultant to mommy-preneurs. Her work has been featured on ABC News, MSN Money, Yahoo! Finance, Fox Business, and Money Talks News. When she’s not writing away, Allison enjoys spending time with her family and traveling.


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