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Hey all! Today in JMH ‘news’ I’d like to invite you to a wonderful afternoon of inspiration on Saturday, November 14th in the lovely Downtown Elgin!

The BEYOND THE VISION TOUR with Life Coach Renee Jefferson Smith (from Houston)

Grab your ticket today for one of the most special events of this new season we are in (open to male and female participants):renee2c2

Why Chicago? – Renee was one of my very first graphic design clients 8 years ago. She’s been there for me, and me here through so many business experiences, family changes and life-changing moments. It’s time for us to meet!

Why the Tour? – Renee has a very valuable career and business background. It’s time for her to go on the road and share with ladies, and girls what has led her to her success today.

Why Downtown Elgin? – I am absolutely in love with the community and small business atmosphere that is live and well in Elgin. It is close to my hometown of Hanover Park, where I am trying to work with the village to create that same feel. The studio in which we will host this event is absolutely epic, and is owned by a wonderful woman, Ola.

Why Honor Dr. Bernada? – The tour would not be possible, if I did not have one of my number one mentors, cheerleaders, and supporters right there with me. It is on this day, I will give thanks and praise to a woman who has taught me about self love, courage, faith, relationships and the act of serving God and the community. This day will allow me to give back to her organization with a financial blessing, as well as a blessing from deep within my heart. She has climbed mountains to achieve many degrees and start a wonderful foundation, which my daughter was recipient of many blessings at a young age – The Princess Within Foundation.

Dr. Bernada has truly inspired me to live beyond my vision, and with that, I wish to invite you to do the same!

We hope you can join us – tickets are required!
Learn more as we approach this very special event!

See you soon!

Grab your ticket today for one of the most special events of this new season we are in:

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Success Starts in Your Closet: 4 Ways to Command Attention at Work

Success Starts in Your Closet: 4 Ways to Command Attention at Work

Several factors lead to success at work, but let’s talk about refining your current wardrobe. It’s likely filled with band tees, crop tops and short skirts, but workplace fashion should start with clean, classic pieces—crisp oxford button-downs, pencil skirts, tailored pantsuits and timeless handbags. Feel fierce at your job by arming your closet with these must-have staples that shout, “Watch out; I’ll be your boss soon.”

Classic Clothing

A white Oxford button-down or French-cuff dress shirt says you mean business. Easily paired with your classic pencil skirt or favorite slacks, a crisp shirt seals the deal.

Black pants are essential to your professional wardrobe. Sleek, formfitting black trousers pair with just about any blouse in your closet. Cover with a sleek textured blazer from a complementary color palette, and you’ll be walking tall through the office.

A classic tailored suit will be useful when interviewing or visiting a client. Invest in a finely constructed modern suit; it’ll be your go-to outfit when you need to step it up. This look will tell everyone in your office that you know who’s in charge—you are, lady.

Dark-washed skinny jeans are perfect for casual Fridays. You’re not careless if you wear denim the right way. Paired with black pumps, a timeless blouse and a handbag that kills, it is anything but improvised. Sport some refined style, and you’ll show up your informal peers who use casual Friday as a reason to slack off.

Polished Handbag

Whether you choose a classic satchel or a designer shoulder bag, a sophisticated handbag is essential to your professional wardrobe. Go with a color that defies the rules of season for unnamed4your staple bag. A polished leather piece that embodies the purity of design will be the best choice for your staple workplace bag.

Accessories That Won’t Quit

There’s no shame in adding a secret undergarment that sucks it in and pulls it up. Invest in quality shapewear that’s slimming and comfortable.

Silk scarves add elegant, lightweight warmth to any professional outfit. Wear them knotted, wrapped or draped for a vintage style that oozes cool.

Unfilled belt loops are a huge no-no in the professional world. People notice when an outfit hasn’t been completed. Pull the look together with a sleek belt. It truly ties everything together.

I Love Shoes

Every on-the-go professional can use a pair (or two) of stylish flats, so add these to your closet when building your professional wardrobe. Another must: a pair of designer black pumps. Leather pumps go beautifully from office daywear to your happy hour outfit.

If you have to, build your professional wardrobe piece by piece. Assess your current businesswear situation and purchase pieces that upgrade what you already have. When starting out, it can take time to fill the hangers with clothes and accessories for work. Use these wardrobe building blocks as a framework to the ultimate closet that empowers you to be a working woman of grace, poise and fearlessness.

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My Wacky Wednesday + Trusting Your Vision!

My Wacky Wednesday + Trusting Your Vision!

trustEntrepreneurship is certainly not as easy as pie. In fact, it can be more complex than a Rubik’s Cube! There will be days when you soar above the clouds and days when you feel as if life is caving in quicker than you can imagine.



I must admit, today I caved in fast and furious.  Every which way I turned the cave got deeper and deeper! The morning was filled with client emergencies, fires that could not be put out, products that did not arrive as promised, and kids that needed mom when they were supposed to be self-sufficient by now (ages 6 and 11). Oh, yes, a rush job got cancelled at the last minute, we missed our radio show because of 1,001 emergencies and to top that off with a cherry… we lost one of our largest clients due to unforeseen circumstances. Not even Superwoman could save my day! Above all, I had quite a few instances where I let fear set in.   I share all of this because I want to encourage and inspire others to NEVER GIVE UP!  Even when you think you are super-duper-entrepreneur, life and business situations can change within the blink of an eye. I also believe that many entrepreneurs feel that they are “alone” in all of the challenges that they face. You are not alone.



With all of the trials, tribulations, adversity, let-downs and issues that rose with today’s sun, I had to step back and remind myself that… I am an E-N-T-R-E-P-R-E-N-E-U-R. Duhhh, we were made for days like this, remember? Strong, courageous, flexible, resilient, brave, faithful, fearless and full of VISION. What the heck was I thinking?

We all have days like this. Heck, we will have months like this. What we must remember is that we were built for this. Embrace change, tackle those issues, remain triumphant, remind yourself that you are here because you once had a VISION. In summary, slow down, take a breath and remember to “Trust Your Vision.”

So… after that morning, I came up with a few ideas to divert my attention, regain my composure and re-invigorate myself. I think they are pretty simple, and they got the job done. Just thought I’d share in case you find yourself in a similar situation…

  • Grab a coffee (or your favorite drink) – you know, the one that makes you smile 🙂
  • Go outside. Get some Vitamin D – it does wonders for the body, mind and spirit.
  • Call your coach (or your mom) (or both!) – if you don’t have a coach, I suggest you find one. We all need one. My mom was at work 🙁
  • Pick up a pen + your journal – draw and doodle for a while (it lets out tension), write about your ‘vision’ for your business and remind yourself WHY you chose this path to begin with!
  • Exercise or take a walk – I took a walk and meditated a bit. This helped me regain my composure and resurface after all the craziness!


Of course, everyone will bounce back in their own due time, but sometimes you need to allow yourself a little pick me up time. Allow yourself a bit of sunshine in on a gloomy and tough day. Allow yourself a bit of creative freedom by grabbing that pen and paper. Allow yourself to vent to a friend or business coach that you know has your best interest at hand. Allow yourself to STEP AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER and take an “entrepreneur’s time-out” ~ and finally, allow yourself to “trust your vision” and you’ll be on the road to a better day tomorrow!  My ultimate words of wisdom for this scenario: do not keep all of this “hoopla” inside or you will burst!


From the desk of Julie M. Holloway, owner of JMH Cre8ive Solutions and author of The Entrepreneur Within You book!


P.S. Keep your dream alive!

P.S.S. I guess I’ll go do my homework now! #graduation2014

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#TEW2012 jour·ney

#TEW2012 jour·ney

tew mission…

Our mission is more about our JOURNEY.  Often you become stagnant in a situation or a position, a job or a relationship. The ONLY way to get out is within yourself. I (JMH) was locked inside of a situation on a job where I truly felt I could not get out. It became so apparent that if I did not get out, I may never make it out. Alive.  The mission of this book and the mission behind unleashing The Entrepreneur Within is very simple. It is our desire to INSPIRE.

It is our desire to challenge you to your greatness, to bless you with our painful but truthful stories so that you may not feel so alone. Or so that you may feel the courage or the power from one of these authors. The goal is to reach every single soul within one or all of the diverse chapters of this book. Go ahead, live a little. Be your GREATNESS, expand upon the life that you were given when you were born. Be who you want to be, and not who everyone else wants you to be. be.cre8ive.

#TEW Crew


Official theme song:


Official definition:


[jur-nee] Show IPA noun, plural jour·neys, verb, jour·neyed, jour·ney·ing.


1. a traveling from one place to another, usually taking a rather long time; trip: a six-day journey across the desert.

2. a distance, course, or area traveled or suitable for traveling: a desert journey.

3. a period of travel: a week’s journey.

4. passage or progress from one stage to another: the journey to success.


your journey lies within ♥

Dr. Bernada Nicole Baker


eGayles aka Edith Bradford and Charles Tait are the official cre8ive photographers for The Entrepreneur Within




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