Testimonial #.001

This book is an easy, inspiring read. A true reference book for any budding or seasoned entrepreneur. JMH gives a real life perspective of owning and growing YOUR business. It is not always pretty, but its always yours. The moment JMH decides her time is at hand, the creativity and prosperity flows. All of a sudden 60-90 days in she gets stuck. Stuck in disbelief, fear, disorganization. What does JMH do to conquer and push pass this rut? On day 91, she starts writing a book! A must read if you want to be inspired and enlightened by JMH and her empowering guest authors. This book is one that you can pick up in an afternoon to get just that creativity surge that all entrepreneurs need from time to time.

Gratefully yours,
Nicole Warner
Founder, Encourager, Entrepreneur

Author: TEW

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