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The Book Series

While some people are born with an inherent entrepreneurial knack, many successful entrepreneurs channel their business savvy through the advice and experience of others. Aspiring business owners can hone their skills with the help of “The Entrepreneur Within You.” This book is a collection of both inspirational and practical business advice from designer and marketer, Julie Holloway.

In addition to Holloway’s tips as a seasoned professional, there are a number of other contributing authors who each pen a chapter on a variety of business topics as well as personal reflection regarding the road to entrepreneurial success in this inspirational business anthology. TEW Volume 3 was published August, 2015 and TEW Volume 4 (The Creative Edition) will be released in June, 2017.

Our vision as a national collection of well-regarded entrepreneurs who are trendsetters, visionaries and who are passionately pursuing their dreams. Our desire is to empower, equip and inspire others to do the same while sharing our stories and experiences.  Grab a copy of #TEW today in our shop or on Amazon.com!


Learn how to channel “The Entrepreneur Within You” with resources from the TEWYou crew:

Pages of Action + Inspiration – TEWYou volumes 1, 2 and 3 have inspired hundreds of entrepreneurs of all ages. Learn from the 36 contributing entrepreneurs what it takes to be your own boss and how to get to your entrepreneurial happy place.

TEWYou Blog – With a wide variety of contributors, our blog features thought leaders and entrepreneurs who are grinding in their own businesses, and helping you work on yours. We are now accepting guest bloggers!

College Tours – Our TEW crew is setting out to visit campuses to inspire and talk about their experiences being living, breathing, successful entrepreneurs. Tour dates to be released shortly.

TEW Events – Each month we actively plan, organize or attend social functions to expand our brand’s footprint and to inspire others.

TEW Apparel – Our new clothing line is a physical way to express your love for small biz + entrepreneurship and share the message with others; let’s grind! #onthegrind


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Fundraising will support the launch, marketing and bringing TEW to local colleges this summer! Join us!


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