TEW Ambassadors – We’re Looking for You!

The Inspirational Book Series for Entrepreneurs prepares to launch Volume 4 – “The Creative Edition” this summer!
We are looking for our book lovers, ambassadors, and hustlers who understand the meaning of “they sleep we grind” to help us spread the word about the launch! Perks, prizes and promotions available to those in the group!
[TEW], the book series is a tribute to and a reminder of our community’s commitment to not just inspiring others, but taking actionable steps to turn our dreams, talents, and abilities into fulfilling, successful businesses + helping others along the way. If looking for a supportive community for entrepreneurs that do even more work than they talk, unleash the entrepreneur within you and join us! #unleashtheBiz #TEWtribe #TEW4life www.tewyou.com

If this is you, please join our group to stay informed!
If you have any questions, or media concerns, please email: info@jmhcre8ive.com or call 224-234-5148. 


Many thanks! We appreciate you.
The Entrepreneur Within You
Founder and Curator
Julie M. Holloway

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