The Grand Entrance

The grand entrance

Imagine your absolute favorite dish or dessert. Imagine it prepared exactly to your liking. If you are anything like me, right now you can almost taste itlat and a slight craving may have been stirred up (sorry). Now imagine that dish being brought to the table where you are patiently waiting. The aroma is so amazing, its drawing your nose towards it. You turn around and the server has you favorite dish sitting on top of a pile of garbage! Can you imagine your dismay?

Presentation is everything and first impressions make a huge impact! This is the same when your clients or potential clients come in contact with your business for the first time. You want to make a grand first impression. Your environment should be welcoming. Review your company’s first point of contact for clients/potential clients. Would this draw you in? If the answer is no, take some time to create a Grand Entrance for yourself and clients.

Things to consider:
If you have a brick & mortar:
Is it easy to find?
How does your location look from the street view?
When customers come in, how is the entry way? Is the decor pleasant, is it bright or dim?

If you are online:
Is your website easy on the eyes? Are the colors enticing yet not blaring?
Is the site easy to navigate?
Is your contact information easy to locate?

Your phone system:
How are customers greeted with they call your business?
Is your automated system easy to navigate?
What happens if no one is available when the customer calls?

Creating a grand entrance is step one in building a culture of customer service excellence. Small changes can make a large impact. Review your company’s entry point; are you pleased with what your customers are experiencing? If not, there is no better time to shape up than now.

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