The Importance of Business Document Disposal


Many consumers are now shredding letters they get through the post once they are done with them, such as bank statements, utility bills and more. Why? Because there has been a rise in identity fraud and these days all you need is a bank statement and a couple of utility bills to steal someone’s identity. So what does this mean for Businesses? Well I will tell you!


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Businesses And Data

Every single company has data records of customers, clients and prospective clients. We hold the details of all of our customers, whether it be on hard drives, down on paper or even audio. When we need to dispose of these kind of records the first thing that comes to mind is the trash, this is where dumpster divers could potentially ruin your company and entire business.


Here are some real life examples and potential threats:

–       In july 2013, Glasgow, UK. A folder containing patient records was found in the car park and luckily handed in by a member of the public. – If it had not been for the member of the public handing this on lord knows what might of happened here, that was the UK’s NHS system!


–       In 2012, Manchester, Uk. The police force were fined £120,000 as an unencrypted USB memory stick was stolen in a burglary when one of the officers took home the USB drive. The data contained details of witnesses to serious crimes, in the wrong hands that could of lead to witness intimidation.


–       In 2013, The serious fraud office lost documents to the BAE system investigation over 32,000 physical pages of text went missing along with 81 audio tapes, never to be seen again.


Now do we see the importance of handling our data correctly in Business?


Replacing Old Network Systems

All companies at some point replace their computer systems and networks, this does mean that data will be copied from the old and put onto the new, what happens to the old data? There are places such as data destruction companies that will take care of all of this for you, on and off site. I have heard horror stories of old hard drives being sold in computer fairs only to be taken home and be packed with consumer information from old companies.

When replacing your systems always call in professional companies to handle your data in a professional manner.


Using The Shredder

Almost all offices have a shredder or some type of paper waste disposal system but sometimes even these do not work, people these days are proactive and will spend the time piecing things back together. Why not use a company on a weekly or monthly basis to come and collect all of your paper waste and completely dispose of it? Topwood do document shredding and will take care of all of this for you.

Has anyone ever suffered great loss and headaches because of data theft or loss?

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