The Power Struggle: Who Has the Power Over You? ~ #TEWmovement

by: Nicole Knox

The short answer to the above question to the answer is YOU do! YOU …. YOU …. YOU!!!

Although it is not something that we typically recognize, accept or believe, we have always had the power to choose! You may not like the options that you have to choose between; vectorstock_489162-[Converted]however, you ALWAYS have the power of personal choice!!

During the time period that I was contemplating taking the full on dive into entrepreneurship, there were many years of heavy evaluation.  I had a family … my husband had been laid off of work for some time with no prospects … we had become accustomed to a certain lifestyle … I had many reasons of why I “should” have made a different choice.

In my subconscious mind, I wanted the comfort that I thought I had from my paycheck … but that only came with working my job.  And at the same time, I wanted the fulfillment that would come from pursuing my passion on the inside of me.  Metaphorically speaking, it felt as if I would be pregnant with vision, purpose and destiny for eternity in this trap!

Bottom line: I had to make a choice!

When I wrote my chapter in The Entrepreneur Within You, I it wrote for the person who was or is in that same place. I wrote it for the person who is or was assessing the obstacles that an inconsistent income would present while comparing it to the intangible yet priceless sense of internal relief that would come from being able to spend my days, hours, minutes and seconds in pursuit of my own personal legend!

I want you to know that you have a choice … you don’t have to look at what you don’t or won’t have and allow that to frighten you into staying somewhere that you know you do not fit! You don’t have to listen to all the people who have a vested interest in you staying right where you are because it makes them more comfortable! You don’t have to listen to that voice of doubt or fear that is in your subconscious mind (because you’ve been taking subliminal clues from overall society all your life)! And you should note that these cues are inherently designed for a life of mediocrity at the illusion of comfort that comes from a “steady” paycheck.

I want to tell you that the desire of your heart to live a life of more was not given to you by happenstance! That the desperation that you may feel to pursue this dream is not wrong or weird or out of place! I want to encourage you to listen to you heart and ALL it has to say … and then I want you to empower yourself to choose to follow it!!

Making the dream that is in your heart a reality will absolutely be the most difficult mountain that you will ever climb … but once you get to the top, the fight will be worth every sleepless night, every tear you cry, every push you made, every stretch you felt, every fight you had and everything you gave to get there!!!

And the power to choose to create ALL of that is in YOUR hands!





971520_10151443404646903_341409453_n2Nicole’s written work was featured in The Entrepreneur Within You Volume 1. For more information or to purchase your copy of the book, visit  TEW Volume 1 was published on October 28, 2012. It is our goal with this book tour to expand our reach and share our entrepreneur inspiration across the globe during the months of September & October in honor of our 1-year anniversary!

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