When My Business Sailing Became Bad, I Reworked My Web Site [guest post]

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It is not that big of a surprise that in this day and age, website is first and probably last mean available for our customers to get to know what our unnamed (16)companies are doing and what they have to offer. It makes sense. People don’t have time to wander around and enquire about all the options they have on disposal. Quick web search is basically all they can do, so making your website as appealing and inviting as it can be seems like a really good idea. Unfortunately, I had to stumble a lot before learning how to achieve that, but that doesn’t mean that everybody has to make same mistakes. Here are few tips how to make your website more up-to-date.

Make it Mobile-Friendly!

You have probably heard this already, but another friendly reminder can’t be harmful. Today, majority of people are searching the web through their mobile device, 60% to be more precise. Making their life easier, by relieving them of endless panning and zooming and microscopic menus that are not thumb-friendly will be rewarded with increased revenue. If you need more persuading, consider this. Since April 21, 2015 Google started policy of favoring websites which are optimized for mobile devices. I found out that 74.3% of people use Google as their favorite search engine, so going with the flow wasn’t even option but necessity. So if you notice that your online marketing efforts aren’t paying off, as I did, try making your website mobile-friendly.

Ditch the Flash

Flash was huge several years ago, but these days? Not so much. Apple’s iPads, iPhones and Microsoft’s Windows Phones out there do not support it and search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo can’t read it. With all of these juggernauts cutting you support, it is obvious that if your company’s website includes Flash, you will be pretty much invisible to the world. If this is not enough, remember that users will have to install plug-ins to visit such websites and majority of them just won’t bother with that. So what’s the answer? It’s simple, use HTLM5 instead. You will have almost all the same options and much brighter future.

Utilize Cloud Technologies

This service provides website hosting on virtual websites, pulling this way computing resources from underlying networks of physical web servers. After several very serious malfunctions I finally made a shift and it worked like a charm. Aside from hosting, implementing cloud technologies is always better option than investing in expensive hardware, especially for data-rich, personal-low companies, according to officials from company which provides managed services in Brisbane. By the power of Cloud I managed to reduce costs without compromising ability to get the job done, so give it a chance, you will not regret.

Put Quality Content Out There

Without content to make visitors come back for more your website will be nothing more than glorified brochure with very short life expectancy. Look through your web analytics and if you see low time spent there or low average pages per visit, people are jumping the ship and your website just isn’t interesting enough. So blog regularly, provide visitors with various how-tos, manuals, etc. and up the antics little bit. Websites are ranked based on the quality of provided content, and the days of stuffing them with keywords are long gone, so take this as a friendly advice – SEO optimization is something that you need to do, sooner the better. Don’t be yet another victim buried under myriad of other sites.

So, when you take a closer look, all of these advices are not that mind-blowing but they surely made change for me, big time. You would be surprised how increased visibility and website traffic, combined with money saving made by switching to cloud can make turnover, but there is no real point in wondering. Try it for yourself and let the numbers talk instead.



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